Biopsy Pads

Our highly flexible foam pads are ideally suited for the processing of biopsy specimens in Histopathology using standard cassettes. The foam has a fully open cell structure (90% void space) allowing complete circulation of processing reagents when used in a sandwich technique for small or fragmented biopsies.

Over the years we have observed and used Biopsy Pads made by many different manufacturers from around the world. Many are harsh and stiff to feel - believed to be a major contributory factor in Biopsy Pad Artefact. In addition, the shiny appearance of some Biopsy Pads is a clear indication that bubbles of foam are still intact (not fully reticulated), which will trap processing solvents like a sponge, and increase carry over of these solvents.

Biopsy Pads are often called sponges. This is technically incorrect, because sponges soak up and hold fluids (as in car wash sponges). Properly manufactured Biopsy Pads are a filter, allowing fluids to pass through.

Biopsy Pads are a tiny expense in the processing procedure. Quality and accurate diagnosis should never be compromised when protecting small and/or fragmented biopsies.